15 Best Yoga Brands
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15 Best Yoga Brands

Yoga is about self-expression and freedom. Therefore, it’s necessary that as a person who practices Yoga, or who is interested in yoga clothing, that you wore the best yoga clothing, there are. From leggings to yoga pants, whether you’re dressing for fashion or to go out and exercise, let’s explore the best 15 yoga brands.

We would be unpacking 15 of the best yoga brands in 2019 that you should be wearing.

Why is Yoga Brands Considering Better Fashion choices?

Yoga is both a physical and mental exercise that stretches the mind and muscles, helping both to come into sync. So also, getting the right yoga clothing involves a psychological and physical examination.

When Buying Yoga Clothing

Whether you’re a beginner looking for yoga pants or leggings or yoga tights to buy, or a professional who’ve been doing Yoga for years, you should look out for these three things when selecting your yoga pants or leggings.

Best Yoga Clothes
  • How comfortable is the pant: Yoga pants have moved past cloth was worn only during yoga exercise, it has taken on a fashion space amongst young and older people. Yoga pants are fashion statements now as they are exercise clothing. When selecting a pant check, how well it fits your body and how breathable it is. You should be able to breath easy on the pants. Also, depending on the exercise you do the most, the pant should fit the activity. For example, you need a slightly loose pant if you’re doing Hatha and a tight cropped top and pants if you do Hot Yoga.
  • The right size: When picking those pants, check to know if those pants fit well on your hips and if those yoga tops are right for your upper body. Pants that are too loosed would obstruct your exercise, while the ones that are too tight would restrict you. Also, for those cropped tops, especially for ladies, get the ones that cup your breast firmly, allowing you enough space to breathe but not too much that would make you uncomfortable while exercising.
  • The length of the pants: If you’re going to wear these pants, you don’t want the ones that are longer than your legs. If peradventure, you get a longer pair, you can visit your tailor to help you reduce the length. Or you can return them to the store you purchased them.

Furthermore, flexibility, breathability, and comfort are the three critical criteria when buying yoga clothing.

Yoga Gear

Now, we know what we should be looking out for when buying yoga clothing, let’s delve into the best brands that sell premium yoga clothing. 

  1. Lululemon: This is one of the most popular yoga brands in the market. For some, Lululemon is the SI unit for yoga clothing and gears. Their tagline, “Less stress, more sweat” is incorporated into the products they make for yoga enthusiasts every time. Whether you are a beginner looking for the best yoga sports bra, or brat yoga leggings or best yoga pants, Lululemon has got you covered. From their humble start in Vancouver, Canada, Lululemon produces different yoga clothes and gears that are reliable and durable. They are known for their yoga pants, but this brand had, over the years, evolve to an entire yoga dedicated brand, giving yoga students and teachers the best quality products. Their yoga pants are known for their ability to wick sweat away and how fitted they are. One yoga teacher confessed about Lululemon Align Pants, “These pants are super soft. It feels like you’re wearing nothing, but they have a way of smoothing out your super flattering leg line. I own every length and every color. I pick them first and build my outfit around them.” 
  2. Manduka: This brand is slowly walking their way into yoga classes, after 20years. Their products, according to their website, “are designed by yogis and trusted by teachers.” Their yoga towels are some of the best in the market. These towels come in different colors and patterns. Their mats, towels, and other yoga accessories are from the best materials and are long-lasting. To keep up with their green project, they used recycled polyester, organic cotton, and plant-based materials to manufacture their accessories. They also make super fitted leggings that wick sweat away and keeps your muscles relaxed. 
  3. Outdoor Voices: For Gen-Z, outdoor voices can do no wrong when it comes to yoga pants and sports bra. Their motto, “Doing things is better than not doing things,” epitomizes what they stand for: Yoga for all. They also have very colorful leggings that have mixed colors. Instagram yoga enthusiasts know Outdoor voices as the yoga clothing and accessories brand that brings Yoga home to them. Their spring leggings are amazing for lighter Yoga. However, for those people who loved the more rigorous Yoga, the hot Yoga, the sweatier Yoga, their TechSweat options are for you. Outdoor voices make yoga fun; no wonder they are young people’s favorite yoga brand. Their yoga leggings, pants, and cropped tops are all made from eco-friendly material. Although they are eco-friendly, they have not explicitly stated they are vegan or that their clothing lines are completely organic. 
  4. Athleta: Yoga is for all genders. But it’s not a bad thing if a brand decides to deal with female yogi enthusiasts and students. Athleta, understanding the huge market women in Yoga provides, brands itself as a yoga brand for women. Their message evokes, unequivocally, the Power of the She. They celebrate women who sweat it out in yoga studios, boardrooms, and all facets of life. Their sports bra are amongst the best in the market, created with keeping the woman’s flow in place. Their products are from recycled material. Something extra they do is adding small fashion details to their clothing. Some of those cropped tops designed with crisscross straps give yoga clothing that fashion feel that is becoming the new trend for yoga colt. 
  5. Onzie: There is a way one makes yoga clothing look chic and fashionable without losing the essentials of Yoga. Their gypsy pans and flowy, high-silt Pura are so amazing you’d do anything to get in them. Their leopard prints, as well as their flowy tops, are some of the best in the market. Their products are made with free-flow fabric technology, making it quick to dry. Also, Onzie makes their clothing from the best materials, mainly sourced in America. Onzie’s creative cuts, prints, and patterns are significant for playful, confident self-expression. 
  6. Beyond Yoga: They know what tickles the fancy of many people who wear yoga pants and other clothing. Their sleek jumpsuit helps you transition smoothly from the yoga studio to the girls’ night out. Beyond Yoga, leggings are designed with Spacedye performance fabric. These leggings are silky as they are cozy on the skin. You also can’t go wrong with their high-waisted leggings that sit above your belly buttons so well you don’t feel it on your stomach.
  7. Liforme: Take nothing away, Liforme beautiful pants, leggings, and tops. Their mission reads, ‘we believe in challenging the norm and pushing boundaries, removing obstacles, and creating better things, being eco-friendly ethical and socially just…” Their mats are sleek on the body, and they are eco-friendly. These mats are made from biodegradable and made from non-toxic materials. If finding the right alignment and body placement on a yoga mat is a problem for you, Liforme mats have strategically placed lines to help your body align right. These mats also come with yoga mat bags. 
  8. Girlfriend collective: This brand concerns itself mainly with making its wearers look good. Their motto, “apparel that looks good, feels good and does good,” speaks volumes of why they make Yoga clothing. From their leggings to tank-tops to cropped tops to yoga pants, each of their products is made to fit your body perfectly. Also, their products are from recycled plastics. Vogue says of Girlfriend Collective, “To feel the leggings, you’d never know they are made from trash; they are sleek, stretchy, and super soft.” Girlfriend collective puts deep thought to their product to give their users optimal comfort as they run, jog, stretch on a yoga mat, or do any other yoga exercise. 
  9. Alo Yoga: This is one of those yoga brands with celebrity-like status. Their tight-fitting leggings were too good for Halle Berry not to buy. Their tops are beautiful and flowy. Their sports bras are designed to hold the breast form while you exercise. Also, their hot leggings are a perfect match for their stylish jackets on cold days. Alo Yoga provides quality yoga clothing for all and sundry. Their Women’s Wanderer long sleeve tops are top-picks by women. The brand encourages its followers to take their practice to the streets, making it an excellent choice for both leisure and Yoga. With Alo-Yoga apparel, you can easily transition from studio to street.
  10. Jade Yoga: The mats from Jade yoga are non-slipping mats. The mats come in different degrees of thickness and style, and color. The yoga mats are also made from eco-friendly materials. Their towels, props, and straps are all top quality gears. 
  11. Under Armour: Although they only make yoga apparel for men, they have since delved into the women market. Their microfiber technology used in making their pants and leggings and tights helps to keep athletes dry, fresh, and light.
  12. KiraGrace: Few yoga brands indeed provide leisure yoga apparel and sporty ones for women. The brand is dedicated to excellence and integrity, making them one of the most sought-after brands in the market. Their leggings, pants, and tights are comfortable, flexible, and have moisture-wicking properties. 
  13. Wolven Threads: This brand puts proper care into their yoga clothes. Their apparels are made from recycled materials, and their fabric patterns are inspired by sacred geometry found all around us in nature. Their designs are beautiful as they are flexible and have wicking properties. You can check out their Wolven Threads heliocentric Crop top with proper fitting for different body sizes. 
  14. La Vie Boheme: If you are in search of yoga mats that go beyond the natural everyday look, then look no further than Le Vie Boheme. Their rugs have beautiful patterns with some extra cushions for you.
  15. prAna: All their yoga clothes are made from recycled materials; polyester, wool, or organic cotton. Also, aside from their eco-friendly materials and respect for the environment, their clothes are flexible and breathable. When you wear their yoga pants, it feels comfortable and protective, holding you nicely on the waist. Many yoga teachers recommend prAna to people just starting Yoga. 

Yoga brands are becoming more and more conscious of their environment and the materials they use. As they improve the quality of their products, offering their customers quality gears and apparels that serve multiple purposes. Yoga clothing is no longer just for working out, its a fashion statement in addition to the wellness.

Each of the yoga brands tries to maintain environmental standards and keep the environment clean in the consideration and creation of their products.

Written by Sarah Stone

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