Are Black Leggings Still In Style?

Are Black Leggings Still In Style?

Okay, so are black leggings still in style? yes, yes they are. The market for leggings is growing massively every day. Leggings are a very popular choice for people because they look good and they don’t take much effort, you just throw them on and then you’re done.

They are also very popular in the workout field too, why? Because they are easy, you can go straight from work to the gym without having to change into a new pair of workout attire. There are a lot of reasons why leggings are still in the public eye but for now, we’ll show you a few different leggings trends.

7/8 Length Leggings

These leggings don’t go all the way to the bottom of your leg, instead, they only go ⅞ down. This creates a nice look which a lot of people like and this trend is popular in the fitness community.

Lounge Leggings

Lounge Leggings are also very popular (like most of the legging trends), they are a go-to choice for a night in or if you want a casual look and feel. They are simple and they feel great which is why so many people love them.

Higher Waists Leggings

Are Black Leggings Still In Style?Are Black Leggings Still In Style?

High waist leggings are a style of leggings that go up to your waist, they are some and comfy, they look good if you’re using a smaller top or even wearing something a little more formal.

Metallic Leggings

Metallic is a style of leggings that has a metallic color on them, this gives you the opportunity to have 2 trendy items at once. You can wear a pair of gold metallic high waist leggings which would give you a super trendy look.

Neon Leggings

This Neon style is a trend where your leggings are bright colours such as yellow, orange, pink, etc. If you add a soft top with these leggings then you could have an edgy looking outfit.

At the start of this, we said that leggings are still in style, and they are. We’ve just shown you a few examples of different legging trends and how you could use each one in your day to day life. Leggings are a very comfortable thing to wear so you can’t go wrong with any of these trends.

Written by antoine

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