16 Best Bra Brands
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16 Best Bra Brands

This year has been a great year for bra lovers. Though many may still be confused about the best bras to buy, we will help bring our the best bras brands to your attention. So, strap yourself in for a jolly ride down the path of discovering the best bra brands that have rocked in 2020.

It is important that you know that this list is in no particular order. All the brands have fine quality bras online as you will learn.

Importance of Getting Good Bras

Many women are seemingly stuck with bras that they do not like. Some have to make do with bras that are not comfortable for their size, while many others do not feel confident when stepping out.

Here are some quick benefits that many of these bra companies have created with their unique products

  • Comfort– Quality bras ought to be worry-free and dynamic for the wearer at all times
  • Durability – Nice bras ought to last long wash after wash. Sadly, there are some women who are stuck with bras that are not durable
  • Provide a stunning feel – The bra brands that will be listed below have put in the effort to make sure that the bras have unique quality ranging from the spandex, nylon, lining, hook to other details.

Without further ado, let us see the 15 best bra brands.

16 Best Bra Brands

Savage X Fenty

This is one of our favorite bra brands of the year.  They celebrate women of all shapes, sizes, colors, and bust.  This is very important as we are all different, so why shouldn’t there be closes for us.  Fenty’s bras are sexy and come in a multitude of styles and colors.

According to an article released by Elle, 20 women with different bust tried this bra brand. The consensus among them was that all of the bras were comfy, and all of the women felt a boost in confidence as the bras have that sexy appeal.

If you have a bigger bust and want to try a sexy bra that also supports, Fenty’s bras, we believe it would be perfect for you.

You can purchase them directly from their website or their Amazon store.

Olga Brand

Olga Brand is a unique one that produces quality bras. With the Olga 35002 bra, you are getting a product that has 75% Nylon, 25% Elastane, Imported Hook and Eye closure, along with other great features.

This particular bra brand specializes in creating bras that are cushioning at the bottom and sides. Another quality of the bras is that they are combined with an interior foam sling.

The bras are designed to enable the prevention of unsightly bulge so that the wearer will always feel comfortable when putting on any outfit.

The cups of the bras are molded for shaping and they mostly have backs that are positioned to help the wearer’s back remain smoothened. For durability purposes, the bras are Machine Wash, which guarantees that the comfort levels remain top-notch.

The bras are available for order at the brand’s Amazon page

Playtex Brand

Playtex brand is a stunning one that provides bras for comfort and style. Here is an example of one of their products. It possesses cups band with a unique interlining strap. The products have 100% Polyester, Nylon 90%, Spandex that falls in the 10% range, and 50% cotton.

From a first look, you can easily see that it will have a unique feel to it because of the detailed attention put to run. All their bras have soft shoulder cushioning which gives relief from strap dig-in.

Also, the brand values durability always and produce machine wash products that don’t lose their quality.

All the Playtex bras are available on their Amazon page.


From the name, you can infer that this brand has had a great 2020. The brand specializes in producing beautiful strapless underwire bras that have delicate plunge necklines. The bra is also infused with a soft fabric.

One of the products of Wonderbra has these unique features. 58 Polyamide, 24% Polyester, 18% Elastane. Other features are its Imported Hook and Eye closure.

These bras are curated with a unique flexible support system inside the cups. This aids a beautiful outside look and helps you retain confidence at all times.

One brilliant addition is the silicone dot lining that is helpful for keeping the bra in place. All these qualities combine to give you a stunning shape

Wonderbra bras are available at the company’s Amazon page

16 Best Bra Brands


“Classic, sleek, and comfort”

All these are the recurring words that clients of the DKNY brand give when asked to provide reviews. It is no wonder the brand made it into this list. One of the beautiful bras has these qualities. 79% Nylon and 21% Spandex for the body features.

100% Cotton and Imported Adjustable closure to give it a comfortable interior feel. The bra also has a sleek fabric that aids the creation of a smart look under clothing.

Other qualities that make the brand stand out are durability and great designs. The products are Machine Wash and that ensures that the bras retain their unique look and feel. The bras also have convertible straps as well

DKNY bras are available at the company’s Amazon page

Freya Brand

When bras from Freya Brand are mentioned, they are usually associated with excellence. The brand strives to provide bras that aid natural looks without the addition of unnecessary volume.

What does this mean? A look at the features of one of their bras will explain better. The Deco vibe bra has 81% Polyester, 16% Nylon and 3% Elastane. It also possesses an imported Hook and Eye closure.

The bras are created to give nice cleavage without the prospect of overspill. The bras also have a great hook adjuster to help for racerbacks.

Bras from Freya can be gotten from the company’s Amazon platform

Vanity Fair Brand

This brand has been renown for producing long-lasting and sleek products. It is no wonder that their bras make it into this list. One of their best selling bras is the Beauty Back Full figure underwire bra.

It is one that has features like 78% Polyester, 22% Spandex, and an amazing Hook and Eye closure. The bra has a 4-way stretch fabric and this aids the smoothening of the bumps and bulges along the back and sides.

It is clearly seen that this product was made for comfort. The bras also have the signature honeycomb adjustable back straps to ensure a perfect fitting.

Vanity Fair Bras can be ordered from their Amazon page. The delivery is usually fast and smooth

Bali Brand

The Bali brand produces profound bras that are unique for everyday use. They are so much sought- after because of their outer desirable features and the inner comfort they guarantee.

One of the best bras is the Bali Lace ‘n’ Smooth bra. It has features which include; 100% Nylon in the center belt lining, 75% Nylon and 25% Spandex in the Cup Lining, 72% Nylon and 28% Spandex in the Cup, and 66% Nylon and 34% Spandex in the Center Belt and Back.

Other unique features include its great sheer lining which is used for comfort and the hand wash. The bra is helpful for making the wearer maintain full support at all times.

Bali Bras can be ordered from their Amazon page. The delivery is usually fast and smooth.

Maidenform brand

Bras that are produced by this brand excel in the areas of comfort and outlook. The brand produces bras that are top-notch and curated specially to customer delight.

One of the unique bras is the Maidenform Shapewear Size. It has a unique set of extra coverage cups that have been lined with foam. This ensures that the customer’s shape, comfort, and support are fully attended to.

The bra has other features like 81% Nylon and 19% Elastane for the body, and Imported Hook and Eye closure, and luxuriously soft underwire cups. There is no doubt that wearers of the bra tend to feel sexy and confident at all times.

Bras of different kinds from Maidenform can be ordered from the company’s Amazon platform. The delivery process is very good

16 Best Bra Brands

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Chantelle Brand

When talking of bra brands that made a splash in 2020, Chantelle went further to create a deluge. There are so many features that will make you fall in love with the brand immediately.

Let’s take the c Magnifique seamless minimizer bra for example. The beautiful product has knit cup features of 94% Polyamide and 6% Spandex. Then, its Knit has about 76% Polyamide and 24% Spandex. Like the other bras mentioned, it has a unique imported Hook and Eye closure.

However, it possesses a dynamic Leotard or U-shaped back that enables weight to be lifted from your shoulders. This, along with the fully adjustable lightly padded straps, guarantees maximum comfort. There is no doubt that this brand takes a special effort to produce their bras.

Bras of different kinds from Chantelle can be ordered from the company’s Amazon platform. The delivery process is very good

Wacoal Brand

Some bra critics have agreed that Wacoal bras are the best in 2020. The reason why this brand ranks high is not far from the obvious. The brand curates bras that are suitable for breast shapes like Round, Shallow Top/Full Bottom, East/West, Pendulous, and Uneven.

There are so many features that make their bras comfortable and sleek at the same time. The bras have smooth jacquard calla lily fabric, in addition to hidden inner sling that aid natural shaping. One of their beautiful bras has 80% Nylon, 20% Spandex, and Imported Hook and Eye closure.

However, not all of their bra products are Machine Wash. Hence, it is vital to check product instructions at all times.

All Wacoal bras can be bought at their Amazon page. The customer reviews are dynamic as the company ships what it offers in the nice advert pictures.

Triumph brand

16 Best Bra Brands

What more can we say except to admit that this brand is triumphing in the top bra brands of 2020. The bras associated with this brand have a desirable outlook backed up with brilliant inner and outer designs.

One of the Triumph bras has these features: 65% Nylon, 26% Spandex, 9% Polyester, and an imported Hook and Eye closure. Other unique features that make it suitable for comfort are the comfort wire and padded straps for support.

One distinctive characteristic of the bras of the brand is that the meshes insert at the edges and perfectly surround the burst. This guard against spillage. From the outer look, you would fall in love with the bras.

All Triumph bras can be gotten at the Triumph Amazon page. The delivery is great and fast

Calvin Klein

This is a household brand name that has continued to remain relevant. Their relevance stems from the fact that their bras are designed by unique creative teams and tested extensively before being pushed into the market. Let us take the Modern Cotton bralette for example.

It has features that include: 53% Cotton, 35% Modal, 12% Elastane, and Imported Hook and Eye closure. The brand put effort to make sure it is a breathable gotten blend that has been lined up lightly. The bra also has molded cups that have a criss-cross back.

There is no disputing the fact that this bra is suitable for comfort- much like other bras from this same brand. One dynamic benefit if Calvin Klein bras are that women can put it on during and outside sports.

The bras from Calvin Klein’s catalog can be bought at their Amazon page. The delivery is usually top-notch.

Victoria’s Secret

16 Best Bra Brands

Victoria’s Secret always trends. The brand’s products always race ahead of the pack, and their bras are no different. Victoria’s Secret bras are created to make women feel sexy, bold, and always confident in all spheres of their lives. Let’s take the example of Victoria’s Secret PINK Wear for example.

The bra has features that include, most push, a super soft pad, a double row of hook and eye closure, and smooth no-show cups. The bras have comfortable adjustable straps that can be worn in a classic or cross-back fashion.

Many other Victoria’s Secret bras are structured, with underwire cups. There is no doubt that this brand continues to lead.

Victoria’s Secret bras can be bought from their website and their Amazon page. They have a very customer friendly care line as well

Fantasie Brand

16 Best Bra Brands

The bras from this brand provide the exact thing promised; fulfillment of your fantasies. So, what are your bra fantasies that the brand has striven to fulfill? First, some of its bras are fully smooth and fitted with contour cups to give you a great bust shape.

This will fulfill your fantasy of feeling sexy, desirous, and confident. One of the bras has these features: 51% Polyester, 34% Polyurethane, 7% Nylon, 6% Cotton, and 2% Elastane.

Combined with an imported Hook and Eye closure, it has underwire seamless cups that aid the provision of a projected and natural shape.

It is clear that the Fantasie Brand employs uniquely creative teams to work on the outward look of their bras. They look great and provide the necessary comfort needed.

Fantasie bras can be bought from their website and their Amazon page. They have a very customer friendly care line as well

Natori brand

16 Best Bra Brands

This brand produces bras that are all shades of unique and stunning. There are so many bras that their customers rate highly and the contour underwire bra is one of them.

The bra combines body features such as 62% Nylon and 38% Spandex, with Lace features that include 85% Nylon and 15% Spandex. The Adjustable closure is imported and it has full fit cups to give a natural round shape.

The bra also has a clean-finished neckline that is flat on the body and cannot be seen under clothes.

There is no doubt that the bras produced by Natori have a smooth feel on both the inner and outer parts.

The brand has other beautiful bras in her bliss perfection collection which can be ordered on the website and Amazon platform.

These bra brands have made a unique mark this year and I believe every woman would immediately love them. When you check their products online, they all promote comfort, boldness, and beauty in women across the globe.

Written by Sarah Stone

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