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16 Best Moisturizers For Dry Skin

Are you like me and feel like you have tried every moisturizing lotion or cream on the market? So have worked for a while other, well, let just say we wasted good money. Most of the time, the moisturizers claim to have the best results. Ultimately, we end up with this dull or super sticky feel and feeling extremely discouraged, frustrated, and annoyed with the whole process.

Finding the best moisturizer cream for dry skin is not an impossible feat. It will not require you to try a vast multitude of different remedy for your dry skin. It’s more relaxed when you know your skin, then you can simply walk into your local drug store or beauty retailer and select from a multitude of options, but they much meet your skin requirements first.

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Figuring out which products work is only a matter of process of elimination.

The way I commonly determine which face moisturizers work best for dry skin is to look for more natural blends. For the most part, I fall back onto Cetaphil moisturizer for my dry skin. It has a perfect balance that hydrates and replenishes sensitive skin.

It is hard to offer advice on dry skin as everyone’s skin is different. I would describe my skin as a honey favor that gets moderate sun (in Florida). The hue and severity of existing damage dictate what kind of moisturizing cream or lotion you will need to make your skin feel hydrated and loved. If you wear makeup too we have some recommendations for primers too.

Below you will find the top 16 products to achieve truly hydrated, smooth skin.

For the girl, who loves her oils…

Bronze Goddess Shimmering Oil For Hair And Body

Anastasia Beverly Hills Hydrating Oil

C2 California Clean Ageless Facial Oil Squalane


Rose Quartz Illuminating Body Oil

For the girl, who loves her creams…

Estée Lauder Crescent White Full Cycle Brightening Day Creme

Pistache Pistachio Body Butter

Allegress 24K Skincare Golden Touch Night Cream

Moroccanoil Body Soufflé

For the girl, who loves her lotions

Mighty Majesty Fortifying Hair & Body Serum

The Absolute Balm Meant

Capture Totale DreamSkin Care & Perfect Global Age-Defying Emulsion

Moroccanoil Hand Cream

Lush Sleepy Hand and Body Lotion

I have tried many many many different brands and types of dry skin moisturizers and have sacrificed a lot of skin, but to the benefit of my readers, I have selected a host of amazing moisturizers that offers long-lasting relief from dry, flakiness and roughness. We hope some of these moisturizers help your dry skin. Leave a comment if you have tried any of these are you have products you would like us to try.

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