The 25 Best Travel Makeup Bags

The 25 Best Travel Makeup Bags

The extensive beauty arsenal of a modern woman causes the need to find the stylish makeup bag to store it. Especially, when it comes to travel. To avoid some unwanted surprises, like spillage of your favorite pricey foundation, when opening your bag after a long flight invest in a good travel makeup bag.

Some pick makeup bags made of leather, others prefer linen or cotton. Practically, the most important feature of the holiday makeup bag is functionality.

Why A Travel Make-up Bag is Essential to your Travels

 To find the best solution for your next vacation make up bag keep in mind some important features it may have. Is it the right size for your suitcase? You don’t want to pack your belongings around a huge makeup bag.

Also, double-check your ticket if you bring hand-luggage only. Airlines have their own requirements for the kind and number of cosmetics you can carry onboard and which should be packed in a certain makeup bag, usually transparent with zip closure.

Does it have different sections or extra pockets to keep your stuff organized? Cool, you can arrange your makeup by day and night or beauty essentials and extras. Moreover, it’s going to be easier to access the right beauty product, when needed.

Returning to the functionality, which material is your super-star make up bag made of? Is it plastic and solid? Good, you can be sure your make up kit is stored safely, but on the other hand, it breaks easily, which is not that good for the travel.

As you never know what happens to your luggage on the other side of the check-in desk. Is your travel make up bag water-resistant and easy to clean?

Amazing, because this can save your amazing evening dress from damage made by leakage of your favorite body lotion or crashed eye shadows.

The beauty market is full of makeup bags offers. Keep on reading to discover our best finds for your well-organized holiday.

Top Travel Make-up Travel Bags

1. Makeup pouch with a ziplock. Multipurpose bag with a small pocket, which will store even the tiniest beauty products. It is ideal for your travel beauty essentials, being 26,5 х 10 х 9 cm.

Mascara, lipstick, compact eye shadows, concealer, highlighter, and foundation will fit perfectly in this stylish case. Made from soft cotton it’s easy to pack into your luggage.

Price: $3.5  

2. Providing practical solutions to everyday problems, the innovative team behind The Flat Lay Company has created a two-in-one makeup bag designed to help save your precious space in the luggage.

On the one hand, it can expand fully, so you can fulfill it with makeup and tools. But it also can be used as a protective mat to prevent spillages. This makeup bag made of 100% nylon can be easily washed in the machine. It comes in the range of colors and prints.

Price: $23  

3. Skinnydip lilac makeup bag with a soft touch and a teddy-bear texture not only store your makeup but will bring you to cosines of your home while you’re away. It has a branded detail and a zip-top closure. With its size, it fits into your handbag. Your new fluffy helper will store all your basic everyday makeup. Also, to keep it clean just use some wipe tissues.

Price: $18  

4. SVNX 3 pack makeup bags come in a sheer finish. Neon pink will add a touch of pop culture to your beauty routine. While it is fun, it is a super practical thing for perfectionists as it comes in three different sizes.

All your makeup and cosmetics can be divided into a separate bag by size or purpose. The biggest can be put into your luggage, and the smallest can keep your beauty necessities in the handbag for easy access.

Price: $12  

5. Taking inspiration from the first rows at fashion week, Kurt Geiger London adds zest to its accessories line. Slim make up bag set of two items come in faux leather with crocodile effect finish.

Stylish and sophisticated, probably, too small to house large sets of makeup, but it’s a must-have to keep your bag organized and save your time by keeping little things in one place.

Price: $57  

The 25 Best Travel Makeup Bags

6. Ellis James Designs large travel bag is a great investment. It has a double-layer design. So you can stand up your perfumes or lotions in the bottom storage compartments where the walls are padded but sturdy. The top layer then serves as your makeup brush bag.

It has a carrying handle and a number of internal pockets. It comes with a water-resistant finish and can be cleaned with wipes. Pretty lightweight, so it won’t add the weight to your luggage allowance.

Price: $25  

7. NiceEbag made of high-quality faux leather is a perfect choice to organize all your make up stuff. It’s water-resistant and can be cleaned easily. Large capacity and interior can be divided up to 7 compartments to separate different types of cosmetics, makeup tools and toiletry.

You can easily create own inner space with the moveable division parts. Dual zippers closure provides wide access for quick loading. Ideal for travel.

Price: $20  

8. Yeiotsy cute polka dots make up vacation bag with handle for a girly trip. The classy and cute pattern of the makeup bag adds a stylish touch to your travel. With the size of 26*18*12 cm, it will fit all your necessary makeup kit, while won’t take up space.

An internal mesh pocket can help organize small items. On the inner side of the top of the bag, there are 5 separate elastic loops for makeup brushes or mascara. Made of polyester of high quality, the bag is soft and scratch-resistant. Durable for travel.

Price: $15  

9. Eleery Multifunctional Travel Makeup organizer. This cute spacious bag will arrange your beauty essentials neatly in place. It has two large sections with double zipper each.

On the inner side of the cover, there’s a space to store your toothbrush or makeup tools and a small mirror that allows checking your look easily. It comes in polka dot print in a variety of colors.

Price: $19.99

10. Keep your stuff well arranged with the Gonex Hanging Makeup bag. Roll organizer is equipped with an adjustable buckle that can be tightened or loosen according to your needs. Hanging hook allows you to have your very own portable shelf.

Good choice for a business trip as well as camping. It has a perfect size for storing your travel-size makeup and skin-care products. Well-made of waterproof, durable and lightweight material this vacation makeup bag will serve you for a lifetime while keeping your makeup organized and cloths away from a traveling disaster.

Price: $12  

11. Multipurpose is a key! Matryoshka bags come in four different sizes that can be used as a travel organizer, makeup bag, pencil case or toiletry purse. High-quality faux leather makes them soft, lightweight, waterproof and easy-care.

A sturdy zipper will hold the content firmly. All these advantages make Matryoshka set a travel superstar.

Price: $10

12. Eono Tote vacation make up bag is perfect for traveling, sport or even work. Made of extra-strong clear vinyl makes it super durable. Large capacity with zip locker and two carry handles, plus a removable strap are the features to look at.

It’s big enough to carry all your body lotions or even a hair-dryer. All kept in one place. Practical and comfortable for so little.

Price: $13

13. Travel set by Sea Team compose 6 pieces of travel makeup pouches. A set of 6 multicolored toiletry bags provides an attractive and lightweight solution to many storage needs.

They will keep your toiletries, cosmetics and small travel necessities organized and secure. Different colors will help you to distinguish, so you can keep track of all you have packed.

Each pouch is made of easy to clean durable material and equips a zip closure. The lightweight material makes each pouch only weight about 10g, therefore no extra weight to your travel luggage.

14. Make it personal! Vintage personalized makeup bag with your name on it. Never mix it up. Choose the ideal color for your letters. It comes in two colors and three different sizes.

Soft cotton material makes it even cuter. It can be washed in the machine. Pick the most suitable and set off for a great holiday!

Price: $10

15. Boic beauty bags are made of water-resistant oxford fabric, with 4 foldable pockets inside to organize your makeup kit well for your vacation.

The travel makeup bag has a solid plastic hook allowing you to simply hang your travel beauty essentials onto towel rack.

Prices $15.99

16. Skinnidip’s standout makeup bag made of real-looking snake print leather will add an edge to your travel luggage. Contrast red zip-top closure allows easy access to your beauty kit.

Perfect for your makeup pencils, mascara, and brushes.

Price: $17

17. Half-moon shaped makeup bag is super handy for your just-in-case necessities. Stylish design – leopard print with a faux-croc finish for those loving fashionable stuff.

The durable material will make looking after your makeup bag super easy. Just wipe it and it becomes new.

Price $15

18. Vacation makeup pouch by Essential Antwerp adds a touch of the offbeat style to its owner. Designed for small beauty goods. Stylish monogram print and detachable strap let you take it out as a purse.

A playful take on every day!

Price: $50

19. Make a practical add-on to your vacation luggage with the House of Holland vinyl makeup bag. The bright neon pink design will take your beauty essentials to travel in style.

The splendid practical size allows you to take everything from loose powder to your hair styling products.

Price: $25

20. Three-in-one Refurbish House see mesh beauty pouch set great for daily use on your vacation. See-through material saves your time and lets you find your stuff easily.

Zip-top closure extends half-way down both sides for comfortable packing. Three diverse sizes designed for a variety of beauty goods.

Price: $7

21. Ice-cream print makeup case is a true girl’s choice. Pretty, useful, plenty of space. A great choice for a weekend away. Made of high-quality vinyl, ideal for liquids as well as your solid makeup.

Sturdy zipper securely keeps the bag closed and prevents small items from falling out.

Price: $5

22. Large makeup case for those carrying a lot! Thoughtful design: main compartment, two mesh pockets, two side pockets, one single outer pouch is perfect for all the different makeup from tiny eye-shadows to spays and body lotions.

Price: $25

23. Skinny dip marble travel zip around toiletry and makeup bag. See-through and smooth keeps your make up away from your clothes. Perfect to transport liquids, easy to clean and fill with cosmetics as the zipper goes all the way around.

Handy for checking you’ve packed all of your essentials without pulling anything out at the airport security. Being of a compact size it’s perfect for mini-breaks and weekend getaways.

Price: $19  

24. Two in one Oxford travel makeup bag has a perfect drawstring closure, which prevents your stuff from dropping down. Includes one main makeup bag big enough to store your day-to-day makeup.

And one removable zipper bag to take on its own with emergency makeup options.

Price: $12.99

25. Drawstring Lazy makeup bag has a large capacity, waterproof with two mini pockets inside the bag. It can be folded and washed in the machine. Pack all your items in a blink of an eye.

Keeps all your stuff organized nicely, so you don’t have to spend time looking for necessary pieces.

Price: $5.

Don’t get confused with the wide variety of travel makeup bag choices. Whether you need to pack a bunch of beauty products or just everyday essentials. There’s a great choice for any option.

Find the one which is seriously good for your travel. Pack. And take off to the new adventure!

Written by Sarah Stone

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