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Edgy, But Trendy Outfits

We talk a lot about this year’s biggest fall trends, which ones to invest in, and which ones to stay away from at all costs. But we’ll give you a little reminder on styles that are in fall trends, animal print of all kinds, bright neon shades, ’80s-inspired attire, and beige and brown shades.

Which these styles in mind, I’m going to show you how I used them to make trendy edgy outfits. Keep in mind that everyone’s opinion on fashion is different so all of the outfits below are just some of our ideas, it is called person-style after all. We are using the word ‘edgy’ for outfits that combine soft and tough pieces together.

Trend: Wild

When looking at trends, you’ll see that animal prints are everywhere, they are completely blowing up. And it doesn’t matter what print, it could be zebra, snakeskin, or even a cow print. Throwing something as simple as a jumpsuit over a nice animal print will go a long way and will look trendy, which is the style we are going for.
Trend: Saturation Point

The neon trend has been a big one, for a long time. It’s still growing to this very day, so adding stuff to this style will be easy. With 80’s style attire trend, you can add neon colors to that which will give you a nice, mixed, edgy kind of vibe to it as each soft piece will have a harder, neon, piece to match.

Trend: Getting Grounded

There will be a lot of styles that are ‘out there’ but for every one of them, there will be a much easier one to wear. This might sometimes be an easy thing to do, like removing a small item from your outfit, or it could be harder, like having to completely redesign your outfit to get the same style but easier to wear.

These are just some of the ideas we’ve found that we believe would look good. These are some edgy styles that are formed from this year’s fall trends. All of the outfits listed above are worth giving a try if you enjoy the edgy style and if you also want to look trendy at the same time.

Written by antoine

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