Japanese Fashion Trends That Are Taking Over

Japanese Fashion Trends That Are Taking Over

So by the name of this, you probably started thinking about the styling seen in the Harajuku district of Tokyo or the pages of fruit. A lot of good fashion trends have come from Japan over the years and they also help to inspire the clothes we wear, even if it’s not created in Japan. The Japanese trends add a new twist to other styles in khaki and denim iterations.

This outfit includes two of Tokyo’s big trend, the first one is oversize bottoms with wide-leg striped trousers and, the second is pops of primary colours, and yellow graphics T-shirts with a red lip and matching heels.

This outfit takes more of a subdued approach to colour. This outfit’s interest is created by messing around with colours, proportions, and incorporating unexpected textures. This oversized coat does both of those things, and also throwing a pair of black leather shoes goes a long way with an outfit like this.

Together with the unexpected textures of a nice fur underlayer, a bamboo handbag and jewellery, the only real suttle part of this outfit trend is the black leather boots. With all of these together it makes a nice overall outfit and it’s a trendy style, so why not give it ago.

This denim jumpsuit look is a nice one, but if you add more things to the outfit then it can go a long way. If you look closely, you’ll see that it’s a pair of wide-leg overalls with a matching denim jacket. Black leather platform brogues, and the army-green bomber jacket, which gives it that bold and trendy look.

The head-to-toe khaki look is upped with the help of a primary colour in the patterned silk scarf worn as if it was a neckerchief. This outfit is made up of a military green jumpsuit, a black belt, a silk scarf, and a pair of black boots to top it all off and this all gives it that trendy, but yet bold, statement.

There’s not much to say about this outfit as it is a simple one. This outfit includes a tweed jacket and Mary Janes worn with socks. Which makes this ensemble retro, but the bright colour yellow and the rounded sunglasses give it that cool look while also keeping it simple.

This look combines some unusual textures with sneakers and some activewear, such as her socks. This look messing with portion by adding a long overcoat with, what seems to look like, a normal outfit.

Japan is full of amazing trends, such as any other country. There are so many more trends that could have been spoken about here today but we went with the ones that caught our eyes the most and which ones made the biggest impact. Each outfit as a unique trendy look so anyone of these outfits would be a great idea to true out or to add a twist to your existing outfits. No matter which one you chose, you can’t go wrong with these amazing trends from Japan.

Written by antoine

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