Los Angeles Fashion Street Style & Trends
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Los Angeles Fashion Street Style & Trends

The growing influence of social media – Instagram, especially on the fashion style of Los Angeles, is seen in the clothes people wear to work, school, and the grocery stores.

At the restaurant and in all nook and crannies of Los Angeles, street style fashion is the norm. Little wonder why models, photographers, and designers are springing up from every street corner, taking the fashion world by a whirlwind. 

Los Angeles Fashion Street Style & Trends

In Los Angeles, looking chic is quite straightforward: get the right combination.

We looked at some fashion trends that are taking over the streets of Los Angeles. And how you can effectively combine these trends to look sassy, beautiful, and young in L.A.

Without taking much of your time, here are L.A street fashion trend to look out for:

Skirts and Boots Trend

This trend is, like everything L.A, hugely influenced by Instagram models. The combo of dress and boot is easy on the eye but has a badass look as well. If you are one for the extra sass, then a sweater is perfect. A tightly fitted sweater is excellent with a midi skirt, slit on the thighs, high up. Or you can go with a cropped tight fitted sweater with those midi skirts, probably flower prints and then high boots to go with it. Of course, handbags are necessary accessories to add; they are the right complement.

Button-down Jeans and Sneakers

It would have been good to add sneakers only, but Nah, it needs company. Tight, skinny jeans are going out of fashion, and button-down jeans are taking its place instead. With a button-down jean, a white shirt, and a white pair of sneakers, the streets of L.A got nothing on you. It works for a casual Friday hangout at the park.

Or a drink with friends at a nearby restaurant. You can also wear it to work on the days when there aren’t any important meetings. With sneakers, you are free and light on the feet.

With button-down jeans, you are chic and beautiful. The kind of shirt you choose all boils down to what you like. A polo and trench jacket isn’t a bad idea, you know.

Just get creative with your sneakers (white ones are preferable) and your jeans.

Suit and Sneakers

Yes, guys, this one is for you… What can’t one wear sneakers with? I bet with bikini sneakers still look amazing. With a well-tailored suit, you can put on your white sneakers, and you are good to go.

It is both casual and formal. With a power suit, you are well on your way to blending in as one of the fashion-savvy people in L.A, whether it’s on the streets or at the park or the office.

Wrap Dress and Strappy Sandals

A wrap dress and strap sandals are the perfect throw-and-go look for that casual outing with the girls. A wrap dress is comfortable to wear and is classy if den right.

Los Angeles isn’t just about the bright lights and fancy restaurants; their street style fashion is equally as brilliant. Fashion is a big deal in L.A, and you can’t go wrong if you follow L.A’s Instagram hashtags.

Written by Sarah Stone

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