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The Top 5 Seoul Street Style Trends

The growth of the South Korean fashion scene has got many of her young people excited. And this excitement isn’t misplaced. Seoul has played a significant hand in this fashion growth. And its street style, which is a vibrant mix of South Korean tradition and western influence, has been gaining fashion grounds.

When Seoul fashion week started in 2015, little did Koreans know that soon its city fashion week would be one of the most talked-about around the world.

In this post, the street style that rocks Seoul would be unleashed, as well as how these clothing styles are worn in Seoul.

Seoul street fashion is influenced majorly by k-pop stars and k-entertainment. Young people are the spearheads of these influences, and their street fashion is wild, self-expressive, and colorful.

Here are some street fashion trends in Seoul:

Tracksuits: K-pop Culture

Talk about freedom. Talk about young people just wanting to live their life. Sports stars and music stars are greatly influencing the style; therefore, it isn’t surprising that tracksuits are the trend in Seoul. Also, sporty tops and yoga pants are trendy. In many streets in Seoul, you’ll see as many track jackets as young people. The love for sporty wears is because of the freedom of movement it gives. It is also fashionable.

Deconstructed Blazers

Although this has been around Seoul for a while, it returns this year with a different vibe. There are now the extreme shoulder details on the blazers that give it a chic look. Pair that with a leather pant or oversized boozy fits, and you are great to go as far as trendy fashion is concerned in Seoul. Also, these blazers are made with beautiful leather, making them great during the winter.

Leather Skirts and Jackets

You don’t have to ask; leather is fast coming back as the go-to clothing material around major cities in the world. And Seoul doesn’t stand as an exception. Leather skirts were fashionable in this period. Maybe because of the weather, one isn’t so sure, but the rich blend of leather skirts and leather jackets is something to be excited about.  Although no particular color, the black leather was more rampant during the last Fashion week.

Louis Vuitton X Supreme Collection

It seems like Louis Vuitton has taken over the fashion space in Seoul. Every young man, woman, every boy, and a girl was seen with either a Vuitton jacket or sweater or hoodie; it was all over the place. Louis Vuitton X Supreme collection is the ‘IT’ thing in Seoul now. Whoever isn’t wearing one of the supreme collections is missing out on the street trends.

The evolution and growth of Seoul Street fashion is something significant cities in Asia have to study. The growing number of local designers that makes clothes for her people while still mixing it up with what is obtainable in the west has lured more young people to wear local materials.

The international community has also had no other option than to pay more attention to them. Seoul fashion is going places, join the moving fashion train!

Written by Sarah Stone

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