The Best Korean Fashion Trends

The Best Korean Fashion Trends

Korea is normally associated with things like face cream or skin cream, for the most part, But Korea is a very trend-forward country. If you have a look through one of their stores then you’ll see that they have a lot of great ideas for styles, outfits, and accessories.

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Compared to their American counterparts, Korea is also cheap so not only are they amazing at coming up with cool looking trends but you can also get them cheaper.

Raffia Accessories:

This sundress hat will give you a feminine look for your day in the sun.

This cute little bag is a good thing to add to the right outfit, it would not suit a casual look but if you have the right outfit (like in the picture above) then you can pull it off.

Kitschy, Colorful Designs:

“Korean women tend to prefer cute, charming, youthful designs with cheeky details and graphics. As opposed to the more contemporary neutral colors that have become more popular in modern [Western] fashion, Korean women enjoy combining bright colors, patterns, and bright colorblock details. These looks are inspired by many fashion influencers in Korea, primary within the K-pop scene.” says Sohyun Joo.

Light Linen Fabrics and Puffed Sleeves

This simple look is created by adding a top that has some puffed up sleeves but the dress itself must be made up of some light linen fabric.

Bright, Bold Tinted Wire-Frame Sunglasses:

This trend has been around for some time but is making its way back into the spotlight. With a nice 80’s attire and a pair f these glasses, you’ll look like you just can out of an 80’s movie and will look trendy (In the modern time of course).

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