5 Things To Wear At The Airport

5 Things to Wear At The Airport

I think it’s safe to say, that traveling a lot means you’ll be going through the airport a lot. So why not make the outfit for that day match the fact you’ll be there? The real question becomes, how to dress for the airport and make it out in style. The rule of thumb seems to be, wear something that makes you feel amazing, helps you get where you are going on time, and best prepared for anything.

There is a problem with airport outfits is that most of them, sometimes look like pajamas. Honestly, I would rather be in a comfy outfit at the airport then dressed for the night club.

But, there has to be a middle ground between looking like a business person and looking like you are ready for bed. Proper airport attire needs to be comfortable and presentable. Likely, you need to wear it for a while and be fashion-forward for any occasion.

We know its a struggle to find the right clothes to wear to the airport. I find myself separating clothes (in my head) into club clothes and airport clothes as I pack for my next journey.

We have come up with a solution to this dilemma; We’ve put together a shortlist of what to wear to the airport.

Midi Dress + Ballet Flats

5 Things To Wear At The Airport

Exposing a lot of skin is not a good idea when you’re at the airport, as you’ll most likely get way too cold from the air conditioning and other things (like the wind from the main doors opening and closing).

The best choice is something with a little bit more coverage, even when it’s not cold out.

Loose Jeans + Sneakers

So as most of you can guess, you’ll have to be fast at the airport to catch your flight (sometimes) so the best outfit will be ones that don’t include tight jeans or high heels.

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Both of those will harm you and slow you down at the airport so opting for some loose jeans and sneakers, it’s a better choice.

This picture is the type of style you’ll want to aim for, as the jeans are not tight so she can move fast, and she’s wearing converts which will also help with keeping her comfortable during the trip.

Sweater + Trousers

So like mentioned above, being able to move will not only help with speed but also comfort which is a very important factor in someone’s airport outfit.

The best thing to do is to avoid restricted pieces of clothing. So adding something like a sweater to your outfit will go a long way.

Trench + T-Shirt + Jeans

A simple outfit would be a pair of loose-fitting jeans and a t-shirt, which is enough to make a good outfit if you have the right pieces of clothing.

But adding a trench coat will help the outfit as it’ll keep you warm in the cold parts of the airport and you can easily take it off when you’re feeling stuffy.

Sweatshirt + Leggings

What’s better and more comfortable than some loose-fitting jeans?? A nice pair of leggings. Leggings usually make the best airport clothes. They come in many designs and are super comfy. They can crossover from comfort to professional easily.

Loose jeans are a good idea but if you want to go a level then we’d recommend using leggings instead as they give you more flexibility and they are not restrictive.

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